BOSTON (WWLP) – After Wednesday’s shooting in Holyoke, state lawmakers are working to update gun laws in the state to tamp down on gun violence.

Back in June, House leaders filed an extensive gun bill that they had planned to debate and pass quickly, however agreement was not found. On Thursday, House leadership released an update to that gun bill that they believe will find consensus among members.

House Speaker Ron Mariano said that the legislation is “significantly different” than the original version. The original version drew extreme criticism from gun advocates.

Representative Michael Day, who is the sponsor of the bill, filed the revised version Wednesday night. Day pointed to the reckless shooting in Holyoke during a news conference Thursday.

“A woman minding her own business, sitting on a public bus, mid-day in Holyoke, now has her baby ripped away from her, and she’s left battling for her own life, because of stray gunfire,” remarked Day. “So, make no mistake, we are in the midst of a national public health crisis due to gun violence.”

The bill updates the original proposal, including prohibiting carrying a gun into a private residence without permission, and requiring that all firearm frames or receivers be serialized and registered.

Representative Day said that the Gun Owners Action League praised the work of the bill, however when 22News spoke to the Executive Director of GOAL, he said they never praised the work and certainly never praised the process.

Republican Representative Kelly Pease said he is still reviewing the bill, but said he has “Concerns that it could be overreaching” and “that it will impact lawful gun owners and encroach on our second amendment rights.”

The bill will also add steps for those seeking a license to carry by requiring live firearm training.

The House will host a public hearing next Tuesday, with a vote to follow later in the month.

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