BOSTON (WWLP) – Auditor Diana DiZoglio is living up to her campaign promises to hold elected officials accountable. However, she is running into roadblocks when it comes to her audit of the legislature.

In March, the auditor’s office launched an audit of the Massachusetts state legislature. DiZoglio has said in the past that the legislature has been a closed door operation, and that Massachusetts ranks as one of the least transparent governments in the nation.

The Senate President and House Speaker both released statements in reaction to the audit announcement, with both chambers saying they undergo an audit every year from an independent firm. Both the House and Senate told the auditor she has no legal authority to audit the general court.

The clash between the House, Senate and Auditors office continues, with the auditor saying that although the audit is ongoing, leadership is still refusing to be a part of it.

Auditor DiZoglio said in a statement, “To date, legislative leaders have still refused to cooperate with our office for an audit that every other state agency considers a routine matter. It is completely unacceptable that an entire branch of government be left without any accountability regarding how they spend our tax dollars.”

While serving in the House and Senate, DiZoglio was a strong advocate for transparency measures and even publicly disagreed with leadership in both chambers. 22News reached out to the House and Senate for an updated comment on the matter, but had not heard back as of Thursday afternoon.