BOSTON (WWLP) – The Massachusetts Senate is scheduled to take up driver’s license legislation this week.

The bill set to be debated Thursday would provide a pathway for undocumented immigrants to apply for a driver’s license. Republicans have been vocal opponents of the bill, and want to completely overhaul it.

An amendment filed would create an entirely new license type by barring undocumented immigrants from a typical license and instead making them eligible for “driver privilege cards.” To be eligible, immigrants would need to have a clean record, to have lived in Massachusetts for five years and to submit proof that all taxes have been paid.

Opponents of the bill have also raised issues over automatic voter registration.

“States that have driver privilege cards completely separate the issue of driving with a license from voting. In Massachusetts, a big piece of the way we’ve organized voter registration is through the issuance and distribution of driver’s licenses,” Governor Baker told 22News.

Another Republican amendment would impose steeper penalties on undocumented immigrants who drive without a license or insurance. A similar bill has already passed in the House, Senate Democrats hope they will have enough votes to override a potential veto from the Governor.