BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP)– Funding under the state’s FY2022 budget will be awarded to municipalities to purchase Automated External Defibrillators (AED).

An AED is a portable medical device used when a person is having a heart attack. The equipment analyzes heart rhythm and can deliver an electrical shock, or defibrillation, to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm.

22News spoke with the West Springfield Fire Department Spokesperson Lt. Anthony Spear about why these devices need to be on hand.

“The importance of early defibrillation is that if you can get that AED on somebody in the first three to five minutes you’re increasing their survival by 50 to 70 percent,” Lt. Spear said.

A study from the American Heart Association found that 350,000 Americans suffer from sudden cardia arrest outside the hospital each year.

“It can really happen at any time so that’s why its important that you’re in a gym or you’re in a restaurant you know where they’re located so you can access them quickly,” Lt. Spear said.

The Red Cross has a printable pamphlet available online with clear instructions on how to use and AED. It’s estimated that AEDs save 1,700 lives each year.

The $527,000 in grant funds will provide this life saving equipment for 246 vehicles serving approximately 70% of the state’s cities and towns.

Due to the great interest in the grant funding, the Massachusetts Office of Grants and Research (OGR) recommended funding for all 246 applicants. Although the total funding requested exceeded the allocated state funds, Public Safety and Security Secretary Terrence Reidy authorized the use of federal Edward J. Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program funds to meet the $27K difference and deliver AEDs to all grant applicants. Of the 246 awards, 12 applicants received federal JAG funding.

Below is the list of awards amounts by municipality:

AwardeeAward Amount
Abington Police Department$1,846.00
Acton Fire Department$1,719.40
Adams Fire Department$2,113.15
Agawam Fire Department$2,500.00
Alford Fire Department$1,649.95
Amherst: Community Responders forEquity, Safety & Service Department$2,500.00
Andover Fire Department$2,329.59
Arlington Fire Department$1,495.00
Ashburnham Fire Department$2,329.59
Ashby Fire Department$2,500.00
Ashland Fire Department$2,500.00
Athol Fire Department$2,272.95
Auburn Fire Department$2,427.99
Ayer Fire Department$2,500.00
Barre Fire Department$2,329.59
Becket Police Department$2,497.10
Belchertown Fire Department$2,500.00
Bellingham Fire Department$2,500.00
Belmont Fire Department$2,500.00
Berkley Fire Department$2,206.60
Berlin Fire Department$1,942.00
Beverly Fire Department$2,500.00
Billerica Police Department$2,500.00
Blandford Fire Department$2,500.00
Bolton Police Department$2,329.50
Bourne Fire Department$2,206.60
Boxborough Fire Department$1,582.00
Boxford Fire Department$2,305.40
Boylston Fire Department$1,714.83
Braintree Fire Department$1,884.38
Brewster Fire Department$1,640.00
Brimfield Fire Department$1,699.00
Brookfield Fire Department$2,500.00
Brookline Police Department$1,622.38
Buckland Police Department$1,749.00
Canton Fire Department$2,500.00
Carlisle Fire Department$2,500.00
Carver Police Department$2,366.40
Charlton Police Department$2,500.00
Chatham Fire Department$2,500.00
Chelmsford Fire Department$2,500.00
Chelsea Police Department$1,945.00
Cheshire Fire Department$2,479.99
Chester Police Department$2,500.00
Chesterfield Fire Department$545.00
Chicopee Fire Department$2,500.00
Chilmark Fire Department$1,850.00
Cohasset Police Department$1,411.00
Concord Fire Department$1,522.00
Danvers Harbormaster$2,305.40
Dartmouth Police Department$1,622.38
Deerfield Fire Department$2,500.00
Dennis Fire Department$2,172.20
Douglas Fire Department$2,329.59
Dover Fire Department$2,500.00
Dracut Fire Department$2,500.00
Dudley Fire Department$2,329.59
Dunstable Police Department$2,500.00
Duxbury Police Department$1,529.00
East Brookfield Police Department$1,495.00
East Longmeadow Police Department$2,500.00
Eastham Fire Department$2,206.60
Easthampton Police Department$2,500.00
Erving Fire Department$1,699.00
Essex Police Department$2,305.40
Everett Fire Department$2,500.00
Fairhaven Police Department$2,012.75
Falmouth Fire Rescue Department$2,179.60
Fitchburg Fire Department$2,500.00
Foxborough Fire Department$1,195.00
Framingham Fire Department$2,500.00
Franklin Police Department$2,111.75
Freetown Fire Department$1,665.00
Gardner Fire Department$2,427.99
Georgetown Police Department$1,896.25
Gill Police Department$2,500.00
Goshen Fire Department$1,882.00
Grafton Fire Department$1,722.20
Granby Police Department$2,500.00
Granville Fire Department$2,500.00
Great Barrington Fire Department$2,363.05
Greenfield Fire Department$2,500.00
Groveland Police Department$1,348.00
Hamilton Fire Department$2,305.40
Hampden  Fire Department$2,500.00
Hanover Fire Department$1,141.00
Hanson Fire Department$2,079.15
Harvard Fire Department$1,847.09
Hatfield Fire Department$2,500.00
Haverhill Fire Department$1,474.51
Hawley Fire Department$2,000.00
Hingham Fire Department$2,500.00
Holbrook Police Department$1,405.00
Holden Fire Department$2,329.55
Holland Police Department$1,714.12
Holliston Fire Department$2,500.00
Holyoke Police Department$2,420.42
Hopkinton Police Department$1,745.00
Hubbardston Fire Department$2,329.59
Hudson Police Department$1,350.00
Hyannis/Barnstable Police Department$2,206.60
Ipswich Fire Department$2,305.40
Kingston Police Department$2,206.60
Lanesborough Police Department$2,500.00
Lawrence Police Department$1,450.00
Lee Fire Department$2,500.00
Leverett Fire Department$2,125.29
Lexington Fire Department$2,500.00
Lincoln Fire Department$1,573.00
Ludlow Police Department$1,954.00
Lunenburg Fire Department$2,116.91
Lynn Fire Department$2,500.00
Lynnfield Fire Department$2,500.00
Malden Fire Department$1,350.00
Mansfield Police Department$1,577.38
Marblehead Fire Department$2,499.05
Marion Fire Department$2,108.00
Marshfield Police Department$1,890.70
Mattapoisett Police Department$1,577.38
Maynard Fire Department$2,500.00
Medfield Police Department$2,500.00
Melrose Fire Department$2,500.00
Mendon Fire Department$2,329.55
Merrimac Fire Department$1,871.25
Methuen Fire Department$1,972.05
Middlefield Police Department$1,495.00
Milford Fire Department$1,545.32
Millbury Police Department$1,592.20
Millis Police Department$1,450.85
Millville Fire Department$2,500.00
Monson Police Department$2,500.00
Nahant Fire Department$1,587.69
New Ashford Fire Department$2,500.00
New Bedford Police Department$1,529.32
New Braintree Police Department$1,608.00
New Marlborough Fire Department$2,340.00
New Salem Police Department$3,012.98
Newbury Fire Department$2,305.40
Newton Fire Department$2,500.00
North Adams Fire Department$2,500.00
North Andover Fire Department$2,500.00
North Attleboro Police Department$2,206.60
North Brookfield Police Department$1,980.00
North Reading Police Department$2,500.00
Northfield Police Department$2,500.00
Norton Police Department$1,305.00
Norwell Fire Department$1,536.00
Norwood Fire Department$2,500.00
Oakham Fire Department$1,980.00
Orleans Police Department$2,206.60
Otis Fire Department$2,500.00
Palmer Fire Department$2,500.00
Paxton Fire Department$2,329.59
Pelham Police Department$1,670.75
Pembroke Fire Department$2,500.00
Pepperell Police Department$2,500.00
Pittsfield Fire Department$2,500.00
Plainfield Fire Department$2,500.00
Plymouth Fire Department$2,278.90
Plympton Fire Department$2,490.00
Princeton Fire Department$2,329.59
Provincetown Police Department$2,108.00
Randolph Police Department$2,500.00
Raynham Police Department$2,108.00
Reading Fire Department$2,500.00
Revere Fire Department$1,714.12
Richmond Fire Department$2,500.00
Rochester Fire Department$2,108.00
Rockland Police Department$2,224.20
Rockport EMS-Ambulance Department$2,305.40
Rowley Police Department$2,397.00
Royalston Fire Department$2,329.60
Russell Police Department$1,938.00
Rutland Police Department$698.00
Salem Police Department$1,250.27
Salisbury Fire Department$2,305.40
Sandisfield Fire Department$2,500.00
Scituate Fire Department$1,442.04
Seekonk Police Department$1,785.75
Sharon Fire Department$2,500.00
Sheffield Police Department$1,495.00
Somerset Fire Department$2,108.00
Somerville Fire Department$2,500.00
South Hadley Fire Department$2,500.00
Southampton Police Department$2,500.00
Southborough Fire Department$2,329.59
Southbridge Fire Department$1,942.00
Spencer Police Department$1,153.00
Springfield Fire Department$2,500.00
Sterling Fire Department$2,327.60
Stockbridge Fire Department$1,695.00
Stoneham Police Department$1,873.75
Stoughton Police Department$2,500.00
Stow Police Department$2,500.00
Sturbridge Police Department$1,940.55
Sudbury Fire Department$2,500.00
Sunderland Police Department$2,500.00
Sutton Fire Department$2,329.59
Swampscott Police Department$1,439.77
Swansea Fire Department$2,500.00
Taunton Fire Department$2,136.00
Templeton Police Department$2,329.59
Townsend Fire Department$2,500.00
Tyngsborough Fire Department$2,500.00
Uxbridge Fire Department$2,493.00
Wakefield Fire Department$2,500.00
Wales Fire Department$1,699.00
Warren Police Department$1,613.00
Warwick Fire Department$1,794.00
Washington Police Department$2,497.10
Wayland Fire Department$2,500.00
Webster Fire Department$2,329.59
Wellesley Police Department$2,500.00
Wellfleet Fire Department$2,221.50
Wendell Fire Department$1,540.32
Wenham Police Department$1,622.38
West Boylston Police Department$2,329.59
West Bridgewater Fire Department$2,108.00
West Brookfield Fire Department$1,397.50
West Springfield Fire Department$2,500.00
West Stockbridge Fire Department$2,500.00
Westborough Fire Department$2,052.80
Westminster Fire Department$2,329.59
Weston Police Department$2,395.00
Westport Police Department$1,577.51
Weymouth Parks and Recreation Department$895.00
Whately Fire Department$2,125.53
Whitman Fire Department$2,498.15
Wilbraham Police Department$2,318.35
Williamsburg Fire Department$2,468.00
Winchendon Fire Department$2,272.95
Winthrop Fire Department$2,469.19
Worthington Police Department$2,500.00
Wrentham Fire Department$1,717.81
Total State Funds$499,921.00
AwardeeAward Amount
Commonwealth of Mass Military Division, JBCC Fire Department$2,500.00
Barnstable Fire District$2,500.00
Centerville- Osterville- Marstons Mills Fire District$2,180.00
Devens Fire Department$2,500.00
Easton Fire Department$2,500.00
Hadley Fire Department$2,500.00
Hyannis Fire District$2,206.60
Oak Bluffs Fire/EMT$2,095.00
Phillipston Fire Department$2,021.00
Sherborn Fire Department$2,085.00
Shirley Fire Department$2,500.00
Yarmouth Police Department$1,563.00
 Total Federal Funds$27,150.60