BOSTON (WWLP) – The state of Massachusetts is running behind on a major piece of legislation. In a letter on Monday, the state comptroller announced that his financial report would be late again for the sixth year in a row.

The 2017 and 18 reports were finished in November, the 2019 in January, the 2020 in December and 2021 in November. The Fiscal year 2022 Statutory Basis Financial Report is due under Massachusetts law on October 31st.

In order to meet the deadline, lawmakers have to pass the annual close-out budget, which they still have not completed. Comptroller William McNamara urged legislative leaders to pass the budget by the end of September to give the comptroller’s office enough time to prepare their report. However, September and October have come and gone without any action on the supplemental budget.

Representative Lindsay Sabadosa of Northampton said in a statement, “The Supplemental Budget is a critically important tool that ensures that the Legislature addresses any budgetary shortfalls that have arisen. As such, I would expect the Supplemental Budget to move quickly in the next week or so.”

However, the House does plan to meet two more times this week, which is unusual during informal sessions. This could mean action could be made on the $1.6 billion dollar close out budget. Massachusetts has continuously ranked among the last states to finalize annual budgets in the past several years.