BOSTON (WWLP) – With the legalization of sports betting and how popular it has become in such a short period of time, the legislature is revisiting putting the Massachusetts lottery online.

Treasurer Deb Goldberg has been advocating for years for the Massachusetts Lottery to be made available online, and the governor is voicing her support. The treasurer oversees the state lottery, which provides funding to every city and town in Massachusetts. And Goldberg has been concerned since the start of sports gambling talks that legalizing sports betting would negatively affect the lottery due to unfair competition.

Aptly named the iLottery, conversations around bringing the lottery online have once again resurfaced. Last week, the House revealed its budget which includes bringing the lottery online. The House expects the iLottery to bring in $200 million which would go towards expenses at the Lottery Commission and an Early Education and Care operational grant fund.

Most recently, Governor Maura Healey lent her support during an interview with GHB New’s Boston Public Radio. She said that the rollout of the iLottery would put the state in more equal competition with sports betting. She also said it’s time to “catch up” and “meet people where they are”.

The Senate has yet to release its budget, and it is unclear if they plan to include the iLottery. Now the House included language to bring the lottery online last year in its Economic Development bill, but it did not survive negotiations with the Senate.