BOSTON (WWLP) – There are changes being made to Governor Healey’s cabinet. Secretary of Transportation, Gina Fiandaca, officially stepped down Monday after being sworn into the role in January.

Her undersecretary, Monica Tibbetts-Nutt, was sworn in Monday as acting Transportation Secretary. She will be working in this role until the cabinet position is officially replaced.

It is unknown as to why Fiandaca stepped down from the cabinet role. Tibbits-Nutt has a long history dealing with policy related to transportation and state government.

Tibbit-Nutt spent six years as vice chair of the Fiscal Management Control Board, she also served as executive director on a privately funded transportation provider and was a co-lead on the transportation committee for Governor Healey’s gubernatorial transition. She said East-West Rail is high on her priority list.

“Western passenger rail is something communities, the elected have been asking for for a very, very long time. These are the gateway cities and communities that have invested in affordable housing, that have invested in small businesses, and we’re going to do everything in our power, to provide the quality transportation they need,” said Tibbit-Nutt.

Transportation for Massachusetts, has advice for Tibbits-Nutt, “One thing I think the secretary, the new secretary can focus on is securing additional federal dollars through the infrastructure bill as well as the inflation reduction act to invest in transportation across the Commonwealth.”

Tibbits-Nutt will now be in charge of overseeing the Department of Transportation, the MBTA, and the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Although Fiandaca stepped down, she will be in an advisory role until the end of the year.

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