BOSTON (WWLP) – It may be after Labor Day, but the State House was exceptionally quiet Tuesday especially considering the August recess is officially over. Few legislators were in the building and the Governor’s schedule had no public events on it, even with the to-do list growing here on Beacon Hill.

When legislators broke for August recess they still had some serious items on their list. The Budget was signed into law in early August, but lawmakers still have the opportunity to override budget vetoes. To override a budget veto, each branch needs to take a two-thirds vote and the process must start in the House.

Within the budget was $581 million carved out for tax relief, a subject that’s been circulating Beacon Hill since last year. Tax relief between the House and Senate is currently in conference committee negotiations.

Senator Ryan Fattman is hoping that tax relief can be accomplished by the end of the session this November, “It seems like there’s two speeds around here, slow and dead stop. And that’s not acceptable. You know, especially when the economy is slowing a little bit, interest rates are increasing, you know people are feeling the squeeze, what we need to do as elected officials is help the people we represent.”

The migrant crisis is also on Senator Fattman’s mind, he believes the legislature should be involved in emergency orders, “There’s a lot of power concentrated in a small amount of hands up here on Beacon Hill and that’s not okay. I think we need to dilute that and hear from the people as often as we can.”

Lastly, gun legislation in the House and Senate is likely to receive attention this session. As of right now, the House and Senate plan to meet on Thursday in an informal session. It is unclear when formal sessions will resume.

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Ellen Fleming is a reporter at the Boston State House who has been a part of the 22News team since 2022. Follow Ellen on X @EllenFlem and view her bio to see more of her work.