BOSTON (WWLP) – The vape shop owners appeared in federal court in Boston Friday to call for an official end to the governor’s temporary vape sale ban.

Attorneys representing the vaping businesses explained at length why the ban is causing irreparable harm to vape businesses in Massachusetts.

They asked the judge for permission to keep selling vape products while the health risks are being studied. The group gathered outside the statehouse yesterday to tell the Governor how his ban has impacted their ability to do business in Massachusetts.

“Probably $60,000, I’ve got four stores and distribution, I have tons of product that are just sitting still, you didn’t give me a chance to get rid of it,” Jack jolly, owner of Jolly Vapers said.

During Friday’s hearing, attorneys for the state said emergency orders, like the ban, are rarely used unless there is a public health crisis and which is what the state is dealing with right now.

The judge considered both sides of the argument before scheduling a full hearing for October 15.