BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Governor Baker just recently signed the VOTES Act into law.

The VOTES Act will expand voting options here in the Commonwealth, but the Massachusetts Republican Party is challenging the mail-in voting and early voting portions of the new law.

Governor Baker signed the bill into law after strong support from Democrats in the House and Senate.

No-excuse mail-in voting became a trendy option during COVID-19 and it helped produce a record turnout. Under the VOTES Act, this became a permanent feature for presidential, state, and municipal elections.

Massachusetts’ Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons and others have filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the law’s mail-in voting and early voting aspect.

On Thursday, Supreme Court Chief Justice Scott Kafker said the full court would consider the injunction to block Secretary of State, Bill Galvin, from mailing out ballot applications to voters by July 23rd for the September 6th primary.

It’s a very poorly drafted complaint, it seems like it was more politically motivated than it was legally grounded, but we have to respond to it and take it seriously, and we do. We’re taking it very seriously, we had people working all weekend, during the holiday weekend to prepare for the court hearing tomorrow and I’m going to defend the rights of voters to vote by mail.

Bill Galvin, Secretary of State

Galvin will have to mail out applications to more than 4.7 million residents.

The MassGOP was contacted for comment but did not respond by news time.

Briefs were due today and oral arguments are scheduled for Wednesday. We will continue to follow this topic and provide updates when they become available.