BOSTON (WWLP) – During the November election, you will be asked to vote on question 3 which deals with state liquor licenses.

Question 3 is backed by independent liquor stores and has not seen much opposition, until now. The question was originally opposed by Food Stores for Consumer Choice, which tried to get the question disqualified from the ballot. But once they lost their case, they stopped their campaign for a no vote.

However, Massachusetts Fine Wines & Spirits, LLC – the local subsidiary of Total Wine & More – has now entered the conversation. The LLC has reported $2.1 million in spending to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance and has since released a television advertisement in opposition to the question.

A yes vote on question three would increase the total number of licenses a store owner can hold for all alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine, from nine to 18 by 2031.

But it will also reduce the total amount of licenses allowed for all alcoholic beverages not including beer and wine from nine to seven. If a retailer already has more than seven licenses, they would be grandfathered in.

The Massachusetts Package Stores Association believes a yes vote will create an even playing field for small independent stores. “We don’t have that money, we’re counting on grassroots, we’re counting on people understanding question 3 and understand that it’s coming from their local store that wants this.”

A yes vote would also prohibit self-checkout of alcohol, allow customers with out-of-state ID’s to purchase alcohol and change how fines are calculated.

A no vote would keep the current law in place.

22News contacted Total Wine & More for comment, but we did not hear back by news time.