BOSTON (WWLP) – The state is starting off the new fiscal year slightly above benchmark in revenue collections, after experiencing a revenue shortfall last fiscal year.

Revenue collections for the month of July totaled about $1.8 billion, according to the state’s Department of Revenue. This puts the state $6 million above July’s expectations.

The state saw growth in withholding, sales and meals taxes, but income tax collections came in slightly below benchmark.

This comes at a time when lawmakers are considering overriding some of Governor Charlie Baker’s line item vetoes from the 2018 state budget.

Arlington State Senator Cindy Friedman told 22News she hopes that the legislature restores spending in areas including criminal justice, mental health and substance abuse treatment programs.

“I would hope that those would be overridden anyway, whether or not the economic outcome looked good,” Friedman said, “because I think that not only are they the right thing to do, but they’ll save us money.”

July is one of the slower months for tax collection according to the Department of Revenue.