SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Stocks once again seeing losses Monday, from what has been a roughly six week slump. However, the impacts are not just being felt by investors on Wall Street.

The challenge is whether the Federal Reserve can get a handle on inflation we’ve seen over the last year.

The most recent consumer price index put inflation at 8.5%. You’ve probably seen those impacts firsthand, from gas, to groceries.

Last week we saw the Federal Reserve once again move the needle on interest rates, raising them by .5%. That impacts variable rates on existing debts like mortgages and loans with the goal of combatting rising prices.

22News spoke to long time West Springfield resident Beryl Bardier on how she felt about the economy, “It sucks. And inflation is terrible,” she said, “On our social security we got a six percent raise and Medicare took most of it so I ended up with $11 more.”

Where is the continued growth coming from in this economy? One place is consumer spending is still going strong. And the jobs report that came out last week found the unemployment rate remained unchanged, adding an above expected 428,000 jobs.