(WWLP) – As stocks fell again on Thursday, experts says inflation is still a fear for investors this month.

22News spoke with financial expert Mark Teed of Raymond James Financial. He told us another concern in the market is changes within the Federal Trade Commission, which may result in the regulation of technology and meat-packing companies. He added that tech companies are also seeing a slowdown in demand.

“There are a lot of cross currents that weren’t there just 3 months ago. So the market is trying to deal with this and in addition to that most people under the age of 50 have never seen inflation before, so they don’t know how to behave so it’s got the markets confused right now,” Teed said.

Teed advises that investors should pay attention and this may be a good time to move some money into bonds. He says be careful about growth stocks and speculating within the market, adding that dividend-paying companies look strong right now.