Stretch Your Dollar: Why ‘Green Monday’ can be a real money saver


(WTNH) – The second Monday of December is also nicknamed ‘Green Monday’, which used to be the last day you could order online with a guarantee to receive by Christmas; but in 2017 you can order right up to the holiday and still get it on-time.

It’s why Deal News’ Janice Lieberman says this day has become more of a day of deals. She says in many places, the prices slide back down to Black Friday prices.

If there’s a specific item you’re looking for, you can put it into Deal News. We have an alert that will tell you when that sale will go on and where it is. Then you can just click on it an buy it. Because it’s very hard to scour all the ads.

Another idea if you’re waiting for the price to drop, download the store’s app. They’re likely to offer deals first to their loyal followers. While you’re at it, follow them on social media.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, hold out until gift cards go on sale.

“So, let’s say you spend $10 at Starbucks, you’ll get a $5 gift card or iTunes last year, you spend $80, and get a $100 gift card,” Lieberman said. “Target knocked off 10% on all their gift cards last year.”

Stores may offer bundle deals on Green Monday. Buy the item, get a free gift card with it. Even if you’re not tech savvy, it’s time to check back in on those items still on your list. You might find you’ll save money buying it on Green Monday.Copyright 2017 WTNH

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