Student steps up to save classmate’s life


Student steps up to save classmate’s life

SHEENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Bradt Primary School is recognizing one of it’s students as a hero. One little boy went above and beyond to save his friends life.

It was a typical day in the cafeteria as students were eating and enjoying their lunch on Wednesday afternoon. Then something out of the ordinary happened.

“I was eating a french fry and then I guess everything else went down except the peel,” said Theresa Nelson, second-grader at Bradt Primary School. “I couldn’t breathe out of my nose it was really scary,” said Theresa.

Within seconds Theresa couldn’t speak or breathe, she then turned to her peers for help.

“I was looking over at the students next to me, but they didn’t know what was happening,” said Theresa. 

Second-grader Everett Sowards was sitting behind Theresa eating his lunch. He noticed her signals that was something was wrong. He was at the right place at the right time.

  • “Then I turned around and I waved my arms a lot. Then I coughed a lot,” said Theresa.
  • “I saw her face and realized that her face was all red. She was crying and she was coughing at the same time,” said Everett.
  • “Everett knew what was happening I think so he waved both of hands to one of the lunch ladies,” said Theresa. 
  • “I was like really raising my hand and I was calling out to Mrs. Veldas because I was trying to get her attention,” said Everett.  

Mrs. Anne Veldas, an administrative aid at the school immediately ran over. She saw that Theresa was choking.  “At that point I came behind her and I did the Heimlich maneuver. It was really very quick,” said Mrs. Veldas.

Theresa went to the nurse and checked out okay. Everett was given a special award for knowing exactly what to do. There is a reason why he knew exactly what to do.

  • “I have choked before when I was younger. I choked on a little chip,” said Everett. 

Mrs. Veldas said she couldn’t have done it without the help of seven-year-old Everett and him being so quick on his feet. “It has been a very hard year for everyone. Even during this scary moment Everett realized that no matter what we are here to help each other. It’s amazing,” said Mrs. Veldas.

Theresa thinks Everett was amazing as well.  “I feel really good about it actually,” said she. 

“I feel good because I saved Theresa”

Second-grader Everett Sowards

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