Student suspended for filming fight at her high school


Tamia Murray got in trouble for recording a fight in her high school.

She received a three-day suspension from Arsenal Tech for violating a school code. Even so, her mother Paula Murray said she was actually doing a good thing.

“There were multiple fights and I was on the other side recording, basically,” Tamia Murray said.

Tamia Murray said, when the fight broke out, she thought it was important to capture. Her videos were live on Facebook and it’s how her mom found out something was going on.

“Being live like that is giving other kids’ parents a chance to see what’s going on at Tech so they can know that their kids are in danger,” Paula Murray said. “Tech does not call parents and let them know there’s a riot up here.”

Recording a fight is against the Indianapolis Public Schools Student Code of Conduct and is considered at least a Level 3 offense, but could rise to a Level 4 – which could lead to expulsion.

“Principal (Corye) Franklin told me to come to his office and he told me I had to serve some consequences,” Tamia Murray explained, “for recording and he kept bringing up the news. He was asking why did I think it was OK to tell the news and record the fights.”

Local media ran her video in their coverage of the brawl and Paula Murray said parents were reaching out to her asking for it.

“I had people in my inbox on my messenger app asking me to send them the videos because they wanted to make sure their nephews and nieces were OK,” Paula Murray said. “When a fight’s being recorded, it’s good because what if somebody really got hurt and they need a witness?”

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