Study: Technology creating problems for eyes


MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – It’s safe to say that many of us have a smartphone or other digital device. But a new study is revealing that it may be taking a toll on your body.

According to a recent study done by The Vision Counsil, near 8 in 10 Americans who suffer from digital eye strain use more than two electronic devices at the same time. Symptoms of digital eye strain can include irritated and dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches.

The report also showed 65 percent of Americans suffer from at least some of those symptoms. And it goes on to explain 1 in 10 people spend at least three-fourths of their waking hours on a digital devices.

News 8 spoke about the study’s findings to a Milford doctor who told us he’s noticed an increase himself in patients reporting problems that can be linked to their digital devices. But even if you haven’t experienced your own digital eye issues yet, he nevertheless says you should closely monitor the amount of time you use digital devices.

“Something we’re just starting to find out about is the amount of blue light these screens will emit and how much of it is getting into our eyes. And, blue light we are finding out is something that starts to effect our circadian rhythm, it effects our sleep patterns,” said John Rathjens, O.D., Rathjens Vision Care.

The good news say some medical professionals is digital eye strain has not been shown to cause any long term damage to the eye. So what can you do to help minimize its effects if you suffer from the condition?

Here’s one idea. Take a 20 second break from your device for every 20 minutes your on it. It’s also recommended to look at something far away. That will help your eyes to refresh themselves.

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