CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – If you enjoy a good omelette, it might cost you a little more depending on where you eat. A bird flu outbreak out west has caused a massive egg shortage, causing prices to surge.

The Fifties Diner in Chicopee has been serving up egg dishes for decades, but because of the egg shortage, last month their distributor raised prices $1.50 per dozen. The diner however refuses to raise prices and, so far, is absorbing the extra cost.

“We’re hoping it’ll come back down, like everyone else,” said Marsha Delmonte, of the Fifties Diner. “To make all those menu changes for what’s hopefully going to be a short-term problem just didn’t seem like an option for us.”

Although you might not pay more for eggs at some restaurants, you’ll probably pay more next time you go to the grocery store. Forty-eight million chickens were killed by the bird flu outbreak. Now supermarket chains like Big Y were forced to raise prices.

“It’s not a lot but you notice it. But how far is it going to go,” asked Julie Guertin of Chicopee.

At Big Y in Chicopee, we found a dozen eggs going for as low as $3.69 a dozen, and as high as $4.99. Before the bird flu, the average price for a dozen of eggs was just $2.60.