Supporters rally for candidates in New Hampshire; Many made trip from Massachusetts


LONDONDERRY, NH (WWLP) – The polls in Londonderry, New Hampshire, opened earlier than most locations Tuesday, with the doors opening to voters at 6:00 a.m.

Before noon, more than 1,500 Londonderry residents had already voted in the primary.

Supporters for both the Democratic candidates and President Donald Trump set up tents outside the town’s only polling location to greet voters. Many of them were from Massachusetts.

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick made an appearance in Londonderry Tuesday morning. Supporter George Ramirez, of Lowell, told 22News he’s been on Patrick’s side since 2005.

“I think he has the right balance of heart and mind to lead this country,” Ramirez said. He certainly has the experience, the innovation economy in Massachusetts is doing so well in no small part due to some of his ideas.”

Another Massachusetts resident, Linda Eisenberger, traveled to New Hampshire to support Trump’s vote in the primary.

“We wanted to come because Massachusetts is such a liberal state and we feel like our votes never count hardly because it’s such a liberal state and goes to the democrats,” Eisenberger said. “So we wanted to help and show our support for Trump so we’re coming up and helping Londonderry have a Trump victory.”

Eisenberger said Trump should be reelected because he loves America and is “not a phony.”

“You know Trump, that’s who he is, that’s who you get,” she said. “Not a shell up there that has to say the right thing. He says what’s on his mind and he says what the people have on their mind but are afraid to say it.”

Alex “Mac” McPherson also made the trip to Londonderry from Massachusetts. He said he was shopping around for candidates early on and ultimately decided to side with Pete Buttigieg.

“The connection I’ve had with people when talking about Pete has been people from every direction,” McPherson said.

He’s been speaking with voters for the last four months now.

“It’s been great to just have conversations with them about the things we care about and the topics and issues we both care about and how we think Pete’s going to help,”

Joe Biden supporter and yet another Massachusetts resident John Kelly told 22News he was out to support his candidate Tuesday morning because he feels like Biden is the only one who can beat out Trump in the November election.

“If you listen to the news, who does Donald Trump always talk about the most? He talks about Joe Biden. So that tells me he’s afraid of Joe Biden,” Kelly explained.

Tina Moulton, of Londonderry, was out at the polling place to support and vote for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“I like that she has a plan for everything,” Moulton said. “What’s most important to me right now is healthcare. I don’t have healthcare, so I would really like see someone in the White House who cares about the middle class and the people that are struggling to get by day-to-day.”

Marilyn Hoffman stood outside the Londonderry polling place to support another female Democratic candidate, Amy Klobuchar, who she said is ‘level-headed’ and very knowledgeable on foreign affairs. Hoffman said she came out to garner support for Klobuchar.

“One woman came up to me this morning and said, ‘I was undecided but I saw you were holding a sign for her so I voted for Amy,’ Hoffman said. “There are some people in New Hampshire who won’t vote for a candidate if they don’t have any supporters out. It’s actually been odd, there are no Sanders supporters here, no one holding signs. But we’re here for Amy and some of the others.”

Marilee Tuomanen told 22News she chose to support Andrew Yang after meeting him and hearing some of his unique ideas.

“The very positive thing about Andrew Yang is that he brings in Libertarians, Republicans, as well as Democrats. because he has ideas that are challenging and new.”

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