HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The City of Holyoke and the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission are conducting a tourism survey to get an idea of what the general public most values in the city.

Click on the image to view Holyoke Tourism Survey. Courtesy of the city of Holyoke.

The survey is made up of 14 questions for participants to respond to. The questions include answers underneath with checkboxes next to them to select. An English or Spanish version of the survey can be accessed.

Inside the Holyoke Tourism Survey Questions

Before beginning the Holyoke Tourism Survey, participants are asked to identify themselves as either resident, out of the city respondent, or stakeholders in the Holyoke Tourism Plan Amendment. The survey also asks you to choose which age group you fall in.

The following are a few questions from the survey:

What historic and cultural aspects of Holyoke do you enjoy and think that other people should come to experience?

Answer choices include Children’s Museum at Holyoke, International Volleyball Hall of Fame, Mount Tom State Reservation, canal system, Gateway City Arts, Heritage State Park, and more. For a complete list of choices visit the Holyoke Tourism Survey.

What are your favorite historic and cultural events that currently take place in the city? 

Answer choices include St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Gateway City Arts Events, and Concerts, Celebrate Holyoke Festival, Arts and Cultural Events at Holyoke Community College, ValleyBike Tour of the Holyoke Canal District, Holyoke Christmas Tree Lighting and Parade of Lights, and more. For a complete list of choices visit the Holyoke Tourism Survey.

The City of Holyoke hopes participation in the survey will grant insight into how to commit resources in the future. The survey runs until April 8.