Teaching children to read food labels


(CNN) – Most kids know what they like to eat, but if you teach them to read the labels, they might make healthier choices.

The CDC says one in 6 children and adolescents are obese. To help fight that growing epidemic, a new program aims to educate kids on reading food labels.

Children are getting a crash course in nutrition called “Kids ‘N Fitness” at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

For six-weeks, the kids spend 90-minutes a week learning ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

“They’re learning how to read labels a way that is meaningful to them, they go on a grocery store tour, they learn how to measure out grams of sugars, they learn about what is considered a healthy plate based on the USDA my plate guidelines,” said Megan Lipton-Inga, Director of Kids ‘N Fitness.

Today’s lesson focuses on sugar and identifying how much of it they’re consuming.

“All of the information corresponds to one serving and a lot of times people are eating many, many servings. So they don’t know you have to multiply all of that information by however many servings that you’re eating,” said Emily Millen, Project Coordinator of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

The program also stresses the importance of exercise and encouraging each other during the workouts.

Some of the kids say that’s the best part:

“My favorite part would be going down and playing games because I actually like move and not just sit down.”

“When we go exercise because I have a lot of movement, not just sit around all day.”

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