FORT WORTH, Texas (WWLP) – President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, which would have provided aid to millions of borrowers, was blocked by a Texas judge in Fort Worth. The program, which is on hold with the Federal Appeals court in St. Louis, is under scrutiny and is facing lawsuits by a half-dozen states.

District Court Judge Mark Pittman blocked the program and said the measure usurped Congress’ power under the Constitution to make laws. The plan would have cancelled $10,000 in debt for those making less then $125,000 or households with an income less then $250,000. Pell Grant recipients were set to get an additional $10,000 in forgiveness.

Currently you can’t apply for loan forgiveness after a warning was put up on the student aid website because of the court order.

Student loan payments are scheduled to kick back in January 2023. When it comes to this uncertainty, Martin Lynch with Cambridge Credit Counseling in Agawam told 22News you should plan for the worst and hope for the best. Make sure you have money set aside in your budget if you have to start paying your loans and if you have to start paying loans next year, there’s a new income-based payment plan available.

“The new plan has a much more generous formula and payments will be about half what they are compared to any of the four plans right now,” said Lynch.

It doesn’t cost anything to switch payment plans. Also in May, Martin said there is a one time adjustment coming up that could be helpful to public service workers who have been paying for years on their student loans.