(WWLP) – To honor Father’s Day, the western Massachusetts community shared the best advice they have received from their dads.

Dads are a cornerstone of our development as we grow. The advice we receive from our fathers, can influence our decisions and create a lasting impact on our lives, since the wisdom and lessons we learn help us succeed.

Read on to find out what advice some father figures in western Massachusetts have given to their sons and daughters.

Advice given from fathers across western Massachusetts

“Don’t let your wants over power your needs.”

“No sacrifice no reward.” He taught me about hard work and investing my money. He still leads by example, and I’m always open to, and grateful for, his wise advice.”

(Stephanie Melendez via AP)

“Always be strong and stand on your own feet!”

“Don’t ever travel far from home broke.”

“You never have to remember the truth. When you lie you always have to keep track of what you said, when you tell the truth, it’s always the same no matter how many years go by.”

“You can always learn something from someone else, always listen to others.”

(Michael Schneiter via AP)

“Treat people like you want to be treated, everyone is equal.”

“It is what it is” and ”I was born on a Tuesday, but not last Tuesday”

“Think ahead, always be ready.”

“He was going through dialysis, and would always look at the bright side. He’d say, I have four good days. Went through that three days a week for 11 years. I try to take that positivity with me when I’m having a hard time. He has been gone seven years, and I can still here him saying those words. We all should appreciate the good days, and stop complaining.”