The best and worst of Trump’s imitations

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(CNN) – Donald Trump can be easily imitated but never duplicated. But can Trump walk the walk when he breaks out impressions of his political rivals?

Comedians are constantly impersonating Donald Trump.

Jimmy Fallon: “With the bigger hands.”

Dana Carvey: “Our nukes are huge.”

But you know who else imitates the Donald? The Donald, acting presidential.

Trump loves doing imitations.

Donald Trump: “Rubio!”

Whether it be Marco Rubio guzzling water. Or Mitt Romney choking.

Donald Trump: “Romney choked like a dog, he went.”

Sometimes his routines backfire. Like when he imitated a disabled reporter.

Donald Trump: “I don’t know what I said. I don’t remember.”

Or when he does accents.

Donald Trump: “They say “we want deal””

For instance, a call center operator in India.

Donald Trump: “Said, where are you from? We are from India. Oh great that’s wonderful.”

Didn’t go over so wonderfully with Indian commentators.

Times of India: “Nothing but a cheap jibe.”

Trump has imitated Hillary, portraying her as robotic.

Donald Trump: “How are you? This is crooked Hillary Clinton.”

But if Donald Trump can do a lame Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton can do a lame Donald Trump.”

Hillary Clinton: “You know this is a Yuge election. Isn’t he the one who’s like “hey you’re all losers.”

Sometimes Trump imitates with his hands rather than his voice. John Kasich eating for instance.

Donald Trump: “He has the news conference all the time when he’s eating. I have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion.”

One thing you rarely see Trump eat, his words.

Donald Trump: “Bites this big he’s pushing it in. It’s disgusting.”

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