“The best moment of my life!” Good Samaritan rescues lost toddler


(KGW)  Volunteers helped find a missing 2-year-old girl who got lost in Oregon’s Molalla River Recreation area Thursday morning.

The toddler, Iris Nix, was walking through the woods with her 4-year-old sister, grandma Gayla Jay and their two dogs. Part way into their walk, Gayla said Iris started running.

“Iris just kept running and she wouldn’t stop,” said Gayla. “She vanished.”

For 20 minutes, Gayla called out to her granddaughter.

“Iris told me that she had been calling me too, and heard me calling her, but I couldn’t hear her because she was so close to a creek,” recalled Gayla.

With no cell service, Gayla went to the road and flagged down strangers. Several loggers stopped, called 911 and joined the search. Clackamas County Sheriff’s deputies closed the road. That’s when Tammy Stevens happened by on her horse, “Bo.” They were with Tammy’s two Australian shepherds, “Maddie” and “Wilson.” Soon, they were searching for Iris as well.

“Where they were was really dangerous,” said Tammy, who’s familiar with the area.

Tammy broke away from search crews and followed her gut.

“Then I hear it,” said Tammy. “It’s a whimper.”

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