SOUTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Western Massachusetts has been experiencing very dry conditions this summer and that has had an impact on this year’s apple crop.

“You’ve got drought which we had this year that affects size. If you’ve got young trees it will affect the life of the tree if you don’t have irrigation you have to go out with buckets and give those small trees water,” said Tom Bashista of Bashista Orchards in Southampton.

But it wasn’t just the drought conditions that affected the apple crop this year.

“Well were really optimistic when spring came and we had full blossoms set we avoided several frosts and then it got cool and bees don’t come out and work when it’s cold and the pollination was spotty at best,” said Bashista.

Tom Bashista says they have less than 1/3 of the crop they would typically have in an average year. And because of that there are not enough apples to offer pick your own this year.

We flew SkyView22 over Bashita Orchards and while the trees look good from above upon closer inspection you can see that there aren’t as may apples on the trees that there would normally be for this time of year.

Bashista says they do have plenty of apples you can buy along with apple cider and cider donuts.