(NBC News) — Friday’s all-new “Dateline” investigates the murders of several women found dead along Gilgo Beach in Long Island, New York.

During the two-hour special, “Dateline” correspondent Andrea Canning sits down with key players connected to the investigation. The interviews include family members of the victims, Suffolk County investigators, and former acquaintances of Rex Heuermann, who is accused of murdering three of the Gilgo Beach victims. The special also examines the death of Shannan Gilbert, whose remains were found on Gilgo Beach in December 2011.

The Hunt for the Gilgo Beach Killer is a comprehensive look at the latest in the Gilgo Beach murders investigation, which Canning has reported on since the beginning. Heuermann has pleaded not guilty to all charges related to the case.

Here is a preview of Canning’s report:

There’s a beautiful rhythm to the ocean. A predictable rise and fall of the tides. But on this stretch of beach 50 miles from New York City, that peaceful rhythm was shattered when a 911 call pierced the night.

911: Hello, you dialed into the 911 system? Do you need the police?

CALLER: Yeah. Somebody’s after me.

911: Somebody is harassing you?

CALLER: After me.

Watch “Dateline: The Hunt for the Gilgo Beach Killer” Friday at 9 p.m. on NBC4.