The new Friends Experience has opened in NYC and we couldn’t *be* more excited


NEW YORK CITY (WPIX) – Say it with us now: Oh. My. God.

The Friends Experience is back and it’s bigger than ever. The flagship has opened in the heart of the Gramercy neighborhood of New York City.

When you visit, you’ll get a chance to re-enact all of your favorite Ross-Rachel-Monica-Chandler-Phoebe-Joey moments in 18 rooms curated specifically with the diehard fan in mind.

When you first step inside, you’ll be greeted with an aroma of Central Perk’s finest blend.

Your favorite platinum blonde-haired barista may not be around to serve you, but you’ll feel right at home on the famous orange Friends couch. And, whether or not you have a ticket for the full experience, the Cafe is open to the public!

Once inside the experience, you’ll go from upstairs to downstairs and be treated with 25 years of delightful “Friends” nostalgia.

Step inside Monica’s neat-freak apartment (were the walls always purple?) and you’ll feel like you’re truly the hostess with the most-ess.

You’ll see Joey’s giant penguin, Hugsy.

Snap a photo with Ross’s holiday armadillo costume and Phoebe’s “relaxi-taxi.”

Sit in comfy reclining chairs with the best bud/roommate you always wanted and never had.

See if Gladys and Glynnis are as creepy IRL as they were in the show (we can vouch — they are).

Walk from room to room as you ponder — Were Ross and Rachel really on a break?

The team promises that the experience is not just clean — it’s “Monica clean.”

All guests will pass through a non-invasive temperature check upon entry and are required to wear masks inside, while props get frequently sanitized.

Tickets are now on sale at for $45.

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