‘The Widower’ delves into chilling accusations in episode 2 of ‘Dateline’ docuseries


(NBC NEWS) – The Widower, a three-part docuseries, takes viewers behind the scenes of a decade-long investigation into Thomas Randolph, an eccentric Las Vegas man accused of killing his wife Sharon.

With hundreds of hours of exclusive footage, “Dateline NBC” veteran producer Dan Slepian captures the confounding murder investigation that soon reveals Sharon was Randolph’s sixth wife and the fourth to die under mysterious circumstances.

Tonight, we’re learning more about the murder suspect at the center of a confounding investigation.

For more than a decade, “Dateline NBC” has covered the story, following detectives as they investigate multiple deaths they believe are tied to one man – Thomas Randolph.

They would have to prove Randolph’s guilt, but detectives believed all signs were pointing to him.

In a detective’s interview with a friend — evidence of a twisted plot:

DEAN: When he talks to you about killing his wife, tell me how that took place. Where were you? What were you doing? Do you remember?

ERIC: We were shooting guns, I want to say in Weber Canyon, he had a .22 with a silencer, we shot it a couple of times, and he said, “I want you to kill my wife.” And “no” was the first thing out of my mouth and this was exactly what he said, “you know way too much to say no. So, it’s you or her.” Well, I wasn’t ready to die so I played the game.

Tonight, the “Dateline” team travels across the country tracking down Randolph’s past. Watch the second episode of “Dateline’s” three-part docuseries “The Widower” on 22News at 9 p.m.

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