Thief returns vintage shirt after social post


IOWA (WQAD/CNN) – A T-shirt worth $250 was stolen from an Iowa business.

With help from the internet, the business owner was able to find the thief. But surprisingly the cops were not called.

“So it’s a vintage tour T-shirt, 1981 Ozzy Osbourne T-shirt,” said Rebecca Nicke co-owner of Abernathy’s vintage store.

A T-shirt that’s special to the store and the owner.

“While we were looking for the T-shirt we found the hanger and that’s when we started sifting through our security footage,” Rebecca said.

A security camera captured a person taking the t-shirt into the dressing room and coming out without it.

“We realized that’s who had done it,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca didn’t recognize the person so she and her partner turned to social media for help.

She said, “We had 600 shares for the video. And I think I posted it at 5 p.m. and by 6 or 8 I had a few recommendations of the name. Then by 9 o’ clock that person actually messaged us and came forward.”

Rebecca said the caller asked to be heard. “They explained to me where they are in their life, and their struggles.”

Rebecca listened and offered to take the video down.

“We came to an agreement that if returned the merchandise that could be the end of it.”

The thief and T-shirt returned to the store.

“I’m really proud of that person,” Rebbeca said. “It almost took more guts to bring the shirt back then to steal it in the first place.”

Two small business owners, getting back on their feet after record flooding closed them down for months and forced them to move.

“Holding on that anger wasn’t gonna serve us in any way,” Rebecca said.

Choosing to offer redemption over resentment. Rebecca said the T-shirt had been in her personal collection

She decided to put it out for sale right before her business flooded in April.

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