Thomas Jefferson statue could be removed from NYC City Council chambers


MANHATTAN — A statue of Thomas Jefferson in City Council chambers within City Hall may soon need to find a new home.

According to a statement from the Council’s Black, Latino and Asian Caucus, there is expected to be a vote soon by the Public Design Commission on relocating the statue of the founding father.

They said the move has been “years in the making.”

Members of the caucus “have long objected to the statue’s presence, and did so most recently in a June 2020 letter that was sent by the Council to Mayor de Blasio,” the statement reads.

A spokesperson for City Hall said, “City Council expressed a strong interest in finding a home for this statue that can contextualize Jefferson’s legacy in all its complexity. The Public Design Commission is the right body to weigh the merits of that approach.”

According to the Design Commission’s meeting agenda for Monday, Oct. 18, there is currently an item to vote on the the “long term loan” of the Jefferson statue to the New York Historical Society on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Since 1833, the bronze painted plaster statue of the third president of the United States and writer of the Declaration of Independence, has watched over the lawmakers of New York City.

Jefferson’s history as a notable slave owner is a major part of why many people have objected to him being upheld as an American icon.

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