BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Western Massachusetts is home to nearly 3,500 nonprofits. On Monday, the Great Hall of the State House was packed with hundreds of people, honoring the work nonprofits do for our communities.

These organizations ask for donations to help the less fortunate in several sectors: from health care, housing and technology, to the arts.  Massachusetts nonprofits employ more than 500,000 people who earn more than $30 billion in wages each year.

Massachusetts Nonprofit Network CEO Jim Klocke told 22News that regulations and oversight ensure that that your donations go to the listed cause. “Many times, nonprofits are helping and providing services to people who don’t have a lot of means of their own,” Klocke explained. “You can be assured that when you donate to a nonprofit, the money is well spent.”

Nonprofits don’t just serve low-income earners and the poor. They also help the elderly who, oftentimes, live on fixed incomes.