HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The City of Holyoke and the Holyoke Public Schools have been invited by the MSBA into their Accelerated Repair Program to repair the roof of three local schools, according to a recent letter to Mayor Alex Morse.

The MSBA will provide up to eighty percent reimbursement for the cost of these efforts based on Holyoke’s per capita income.

“Roof replacement at these three school buildings is essential, and we are beyond delighted that the MSBA has invited our City to participate in its Accelerated Repair Program and reimburse the City of Holyoke for eighty percent of the costs,” stated Mayor Alex B. Morse.

The repairs are anticipated to begin during the summer of 2022 and conclude in the fall.

“The roofs are over thirty years old, are at the end of their useful lives, and numerous repairs continue to be made. I want to thank the MSBA for their commitment and belief in our great community,” said Dr. Alberto Vázquez Matos.

On January 19th, the City Council approved $270,000 for the Schematic Design process, which allows the City to estimate the total anticipated costs of the projects for presentation to the MSBA.

The MSBA and the City of Holyoke have previously partnered together for many projects over the past five years, all aimed at restoring and renovating Holyoke’s school buildings, including:

● 2009-2011 – renovation of Holyoke High School, approximately $22 million.
● 2013 – 3 new science labs at Dean Technical High School, approximately $7.2 million.
● 2014 – new boilers at Morgan and EN White School, approximately $1.2 million.
● 2018 – new boilers, new windows, and exterior doors at Kelly, Sullivan, and Morgan schools, approximately $13 million.