(NBC News/WBRE) A Pennsylvania toymaker is bringing equity to an old-fashioned plaything, thanks in part to an observant 6-year-old girl.

Little green army men are a best-seller for BMC Toys out of Scranton, and they happen to be the toy of choice for Vivian Lord from Little Rock, Arkansas.

One day Vivian noticed that none of the little green figurines were women, so she wrote a letter.

The guy on the other end of that letter was BMC’s Jeff Imel.

It turns out Jeff was already working on what he calls the “plastic army women project”.

With the prototype done, he got a last push from Vivian and is finally taking the product to market.

“It’s about three months to develop the figures, three months to have the new molds made, three months to leave time for shipping, and we’ll be okay!” he says.

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