CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Increasing fuel prices have led to a major squeeze on the wallets of drivers across the nation but boat owners are also taking a hit as the price of oil continues to climb.

Generally, boats run on diesel fuel which is hitting even higher prices than typical gasoline. Both unleaded and diesel gas hitting new record prices today.

While gas is now at $4.45 a gallon, diesel is sitting at $5.56 a gallon. That’s impacting local boaters. We know that these high diesel fuel prices have been affecting drivers and boaters, but it’s also having an impact on town budgets.

Cities and towns run fleets of vehicles on diesel, especially during the winter months when one vehicle can go through roughly 200 gallons of diesel in a 24 hour shift.

Not knowing the price of oil and how high its going to get, is making the budgeting process very challenging for municipalities. Most cities and towns start their budgeting in the spring-time, before the actual diesel expenses are known.