WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – COVID-19 vaccines will no longer be mandated for international air travelers and federal workers next week, according to the White House.

Officials say the U.S. is in a different phase of the COVID response, where these measures aren’t necessary anymore. The COVID vaccine will also be lifted for Canadians crossing into the U.S., allowing for cross-border travel to be easier. The CDC says a single dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine will be enough to fulfill the testing requirements for travelers.

Locals tell 22News if getting rid of vaccines is the right move or not, given that nearly 270 million Americans have at least one COVID shot.

“I don’t think about getting rid of the requirement, I’d be just for that for the freedom, I do think they should continue to provide them,” said Damien Ramos Hayes of Springfield.

“Especially if it’s international because I feel like it spreads more when people are coming in, but I think I will be fine either way with it,” adds Nyssa Wallace of Amherst.

Data show there’s been a 95 percent decline in COVID-19 deaths since January 2021 and a 91 percent decline in hospitalizations. By May 11th, the mandate will be lifted.