BOSTON (WWLP) – Deadlines are quickly approaching for the Massachusetts legislature. 22News has where the state stands.

The end of the legislative session is only 16 days away, and time is running out for lawmakers to reach agreements on a host of high-profile topics. The legislative session ends on Sunday, July 31st, and although the house and senate have passed a slew of bills in the past few months, many still remain in conference committees.

As of Friday, there are 12 active conference committees dealing with a range of topics, from mental health access to sports betting. Still in the conference are the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home reform bills, and the reproductive rights bill.

Democrats wield veto-proof margins when it comes to the reproductive rights legislation, but if they wait too long to make an agreement they risk Governor Baker holding onto the bill until August when the legislature can no longer override a veto.

Senator Velis said one of his priorities is tax reform. This week the House passed a $1 billion dollar tax-relief package, which heads to the Senate next week.

“There’s nowhere you can go where you’re not seeing a skyrocket in prices and that has an impact, it has an impact on families’ budgets, and it’s my far and away most important priority right now getting some of that relief back to folks,” said John Velis of Westfield.

Also on the legislative plate, is the state budget. Massachusetts is the last state in the nation to pass its annual state budget. However, two weeks into the new fiscal year, House and Senate negotiators announced a compromise had been reached and are expecting to pass the budget on Monday.

22News will continue to follow these topics and provide you with updates along the way.