SPINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) It’s known as Drinksgiving, or Blackout Wednesday. No matter what the name, the night before Thanksgiving is traditionally one of the busiest at local bars as people reunite and reconnect with loved ones.

At Christopher’s Tavern in Springfield, many were coming together Wednesday night to celebrate before the big feast on Thursday.

“There’s going to be a lot of reunions, a lot of just people getting back together again after not seeing each other for a while. I’m expecting to make a lot of drinks and I’m expecting my shoulder to fall off tonight,” said Christopher’s bartender Elaina Esoo from Ludlow.

Resulting from the copious alcohol consumption is an increase in motor vehicle crashes. 22News spoke with the owner of Christopher’s Tavern who is reminding patrons not to drink too much.

“Well as always be responsible if you’re going to drink and overindulge. Don’t drink as always don’t drive. There’s Ubers, there’s many outlets,” said Christopher Arillotta, owner.

Arillotta said people can have fun and be safe. Alcohol can severely reduce the ability to judge distance, speed and the movement of other vehicles. AAA suggests having a plan in place before leaving the house.

“If you’re going to drink always bring a buddy. Always try to schedule your rides on Uber, and if you feel like you can’t take it just leave your keys,” said Josh Cruz from New York.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, 36% of deaths involve an alcohol impaired driver, according to experts.