EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – While the war in Ukraine does not show signs of stopping, some are hoping for what’s known as a “Christmas Truce,” including the Mayor of Easthampton.

The idea is to bring about a cease fire, even just for a day, something that has deep roots in history. Christmas of 1914, the first World War came to a virtual halt on the western front as enemy soldiers decided to not fire shots.

Mayor Nicole LaChapelle hopes something like this could happen in Ukraine. Last week, she issued a proclamation calling for the Christmas Truce alongside religious leaders across the world, a gesture she hopes will also have a local impacts.

“To take a pause for where we stand in the world, what we have, what others don’t have. I hope the impact is local. I hope that by some extension writing a proclamation gives pause for somebody to help somebody around them,” said LaChapelle.

The Red Cross has helped more than five million people since the war in Ukraine started.