BOSTON (WWLP) – A group of GOP lawmakers on Beacon Hill have some questions for Secretary William Galvin about our new mail-in voting system.

In a letter sent to Secretary Galvin earlier this week, GOP lawmakers outlined a few issues that they have with the mail-in voting system such as cost and effectiveness. Members of the minority party here on Beacon Hill want answers about the voting system that was used back in November.

They worry that mail-in voting is costing the state too much money, a burden they believe will fall back on the taxpayers.  

“It’s about making sure we’re being efficient with the taxpayer’s dollars with these mail-in ballots and really to improve upon this and look it overall for any strengths or weaknesses with this entire program and how we can improve going forward,” Rep. Nicholas Boldyga told 22News.

In the letter they wrote to Secretary Galvin, they requested answers for questions like: How many ballots were returned by USPS as “undeliverable mail,” and ‘how many vote-by-mail applications were returned that could not be counted due to missing information.

As of right now, they have not heard back from Secretary Galvin.