(WWLP) – With many people wondering how to cut costs to heat their homes this winter, getting an offer to reduce your utility bill may seem like hitting the savings lottery.

However, before you agree to anything, know that some of those offers may not be true. Be on the lookout for suspicious calls or emails offering to cut your utility bill because it may be a scam.

As you look for ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency and cut costs, 22news is working for you on how to spot and avoid home-related fraud this winter.

According to Federal Trade Commission Consumer, it’s important to be skeptical of products or services that promise drastic savings from an unknown source or agency. Avoid any solicitor calls or emails pressuring you to act fast for the payment of service and find a contractor who’s licensed and reputable. Anyone who tells you to pay for a service with a gift card, cryptocurrency, or by wiring money is likely to be a scam.