(WWLP) – We turned the clocks back this past weekend, for the transition out of daylight saving time.

This change in time can impact your health. The fallback to standard time doesn’t just have an effect on our rest. It’s also shown to have serious health impacts, such as elevated levels of depression.

Lack of exposure to sunlight is proven to have a negative effect on people’s moods… and hours in the sun are harder to come by on standard time. According to Northwestern Medicine, Transitioning between standard and daylight saving time can also lead to weight gain, slower metabolism, and cluster headaches.

It can also worsen certain heart and digestive issues. That being said, the time transition in the fall is better for our health than the switch in the spring. Sleep experts maintain that living on standard time is actually better for your circadian rhythm because your body’s internal clock is tied to the sun cycle, not the wall clock.

On Sunday, March 12, the US will return to daylight saving time, but work is being done at the federal level to make the switch permanent.