SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News is hearing from Tapestry Health after a Federal judge struck down a part of the Affordable Care Act earlier this week, that requires most insurers to cover preventive services.

Services include screenings for cancer, diabetes, mental health, and HIV. The CEO of Tapestry Health told 22News, that chipping away at these vital services for millions of people can result in major consequences.

“Cost can be an incredible barrier to care, particularly for communities of color, people who are low income, and LGBTQ people, all face additional barriers to health care, so if insurance plans to stop supporting those preventative services then it’s the people who are already the most vulnerable in the health care system who are missing out and that will have catastrophic consequences,” said Cheryl Zoll, CEO of Tapestry Health.

If this latest ruling stands, insurers are likely to look at changes in coverage beginning next year, since existing contracts are already in effect.