(WWLP) – As western Massachusetts residents continue to clean up from Monday’s snowstorm, another one is on its way.

This one could drop another several inches of snow, depending on where you live.
Regardless of the recent winter weather surge, this winter is unlike the winters we New Englanders are used to. 22news spoke with locals to see if they are enjoying this warmer, less snowy winter.

Olivia and Hadley from Smith College told 22News, “I’m excited that it’s cold again. A lot of times we like to get hot chocolate at a wood star cafe downtown. Yeah, go for walks to paradise pond. Yeah, I love the cold and it’s winter so it’s supposed to be cold. It’s kind of concerning if it’s not.”

Residents can expect several early dismissals and cancellations for schools tomorrow. For a complete list of all dismissals and cancellations in the region click here.