CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Pedestrian safety remains a hot topic, as the region continues to watch this tragedy repeat itself over and over again.

This adds to the growing number of pedestrian deaths in our state, and Friday night new numbers are shedding light on how dire this situation is.

“I just see people blowing through crosswalks without even looking,” said Keanu Patwari of Northampton. Road safety is back on the minds of Western Massachusetts residents after another person was killed in a pedestrian-involved accident in Chicopee. The city saw an increase in pedestrian deaths over the last year, out of 29 crashes, 5 pedestrians have been killed.

Patwari adds, “I try to be as vigilante as I can, and I think the same should be said for drivers.”

“I’ve certainly had the experience of a car speeding by and being like “Hey! Wait a minute I’m standing here,” expressed Ellie Friends of Greenfield. State data indicate the numbers are only going up across the commonwealth.

Massachusetts has averaged approximately 70 pedestrian deaths each year, half of those deaths happening between the months of October and March. Here in Western Massachusetts, Hampden county was hit particularly hard with pedestrian crashes between 2022 and the beginning of this year. State preliminary reports show that the city of Springfield saw 87 pedestrian crashes, resulting in 2 deaths.

Holyoke had 34 crashes, and two pedestrian deaths, and West Springfield, had 20 pedestrian crashes, also 2 deaths. Some people say more needs to be done to make both pedestrians and drivers visible out on the roads.

“We often see the signs, and the markings in the roadway, but car parking blocks your view of the pedestrians waiting across the street and you don’t see them until the last minute,” said Ruth Halley of Adams. And these alarming numbers, have people pleading with drivers to be careful.

“I hope that people when they are driving in a big heavy strong vehicle are aware of the potential catastrophe they can cause, said Friends. AAA reports that distracted and impaired driving as well as speeding are factors in this increase in pedestrian accidents.