(WWLP) – Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Chinese President Xi Jinping, for the first time since the war in Ukraine began.

22News spoke with John Rogers, an AIC professor in finance and economics, about the alliance of Russia and China, and what that means for the global market and the US economy.

Rogers explained that the US has a deep connection with China economically speaking, and our imports from China have been on the increase. But part of inflation is driven by the war in Ukraine, whether it’s the price of food or oil, and this Russia and China relationship could prolong conflict and tensions.

“We pushed Russia and China together in a way they haven’t been in the past, and unfortunately, there is a natural synergy there, and they can drag in other countries, that are unaligned, such as India,” said Rogers. “Which would be the primary one, and I think that doesn’t do the US position any good in the long run.”

According to reports, China denies allegations that it is considering providing Russia with lethal military assistance.