WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — If you are commuting Monday night or Tuesday during this winter storm, a reminder to make sure you are not driving on low fuel. Also, make sure your fluids are topped off.

22News spoke with AAA Northeast and they told us drivers should take advantage of filling up their tank, coolant, and even windshield fluid before the storm hits. This is to make sure you are not filling up on those fluids when it’s cold, and snowing. In addition to that driving on low fuel often can overheat the fuel pump inside your car which could be costly to repair.

“The more weight you can put inside your vehicle that gas actually is actually going to put more weight on the ground and that can help with traction. That can be beneficial when you are driving in an inch or two of snow,” said AAA Northeast Spokesperson, Mark Schieldrop.

Local drivers were listening to that advice earlier Monday evening as they flocked to a Chicopee gas station that actually ran out of regular gasoline. That gas stations told 22News that they would have regular again by Tuesday.