AUSTIN (KXAN) — Open your children’s toy boxes and search for toys that have been recalled. That was the message from TexPIRG and Congressman Lloyd Doggett on Tuesday.

The Texas Public Interest Research Group‘s Helaina Peck and Rep. Doggett addressed the problem of dangerous toys at Escuelita Del Alma.

“The biggest danger that remains is the very simple matter of choking hazards,” Doggett said. “What I found at our house is that so often… the toy that is very appropriate for our third grader with a doll house is a real danger to her cousin that is a year old.”

The congressman said it’s important the Consumer Product Safety Commission rigorously enforces toy safety requirements. “While everyone is looking to the North Pole, almost all of our toys that are newly manufactured are coming from China and Asia these days.”

TexPIRG says between 2005 and 2014, at least 72 children choked to death on balloons, balls, toys and small parts of toys.

First and foremost, Peck said, there are several recalled toys that have not been well publicized. Second, not all recalled toys have been taking off the shelf.

Over the last 31 years, TexPIRG’s report has led to at least 150 recalls to get dangerous toys of the shelves. From January 2015 to October 2016, the CPSC recalled 44 toys totaling almost 35 million units. TxPIRG found that 16 of the 44 toys were still available online. For the CPSC’s list of recalled products, visit their website here. 

Recalled toys still available online

The group showed three examples of the recalled toys found online. The Ace Bayou Bean Bag Chair was recalled in December 2015 for suffocation and choking hazards, due to an easy access zipper where children can crawl inside, where they may suffocate.

The Aero Spin Sky Rover toy helicopter. TexPIRG say its charger has been known for overheating and starting fires.

This Chillafish bike was recalled in January 2016 for laceration hazards it poses to children. Over-inflated tires might pop and shoot out flying pieces of plastic.