RUSSELL, Mass. (WWLP) – A video doorbell camera picked up two bears’ evening activities on a person’s porch in Russel on Friday.

A viewer sent 22News these videos showing two bears first scaring off an opossum then climbing a tree to snack on a bird feeder.

Bears are out and about this time of year and are attracted to all types of food, including bird feeders. According to the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, bears can also be attracted to backyards with pet food or unsecured garbage cans.

The Fish and Wildlife Service offers tips for those with higher chances of encountering black bears. If you live or like to hike in an area where black bears are typically seen, some things to remember are:

  • Remove food attractants: Take down bird feeders, secure garbage cans, and keep pet food indoors.
  • Keep your distance: If you do encounter a bear it is important to respect their space.
  • Let animal move on: Look from a far distance and allow the bear to move uninterrupted.
  • Talk to your neighbors: Even if you don’t offer food, your neighbor might unintentionally be doing so, which will still attract bears to your area. Talk to your neighbors about bear safety.